According to the University of Guelph (that conducted various studies on food waste), every Canadian household waste in average $28 per week of food. This corresponds to $1500 per year (or a vacation down south!).

According to Provision Coalition 40% of all the food produced in Canada is thrown out. This represents $31 billion in Canada only. The most surprising is that the consumer is responsible for 51% of that waste and retailers for 10%. However, food retailers are at the heart of the food supply chain, have a lot of influence and can play an important role in reducing food waste. This is why we decided to start there! We believe that it can be a place where we can have a great impact!

The global amount of food waste is 1.3 billion of tons (according to FAO) which represents one third of all the food produced. 1 over 9 people or 795 million of people suffers from hunger. knowing this, we can't ignore the problem. Join us and the movement against food waste!



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