What is À dévorer?

À dévorer (which means to devour!) is a project started in Montreal in 2016. We first worked with grocery stores to offer you a meal kit service directly in store.

During the summer 2019, we started a brand new adventure by creating a recipe booklet featuring our best recipes. They are delicious and easy to prepare in 30 minutes!

The recipes we developed use simple ingredients and are easy to do, every day of the week, always with a little something different for you to discover!


We reduce packaging as much as possible and this is why we choose recycled paper bags for our meal kits. They are recyclable and compostable.

We also decided not to include seasonings that people often have at home like olive oil and dry spices in our kits. This way we prevent overpacking.

We also want to help you reduce food waste at home by providing the ingredients in the right proportions. We also regrouped some tips and tricks on the page Food Waste for you to discover creative ways to waste less.

Also, we work with supermarkets to prioritize local products and those most often wasted.



We believe in the importance of cooking from raw ingredients to eat less processed food and eat healthier.

Having fun cooking (with a little help ;)) and spending good time with family and friends around a delicious meal is now possible, even during the week!

We suggest seasonings to have for the recipe but they are not included in the kit. So let go your creativity!

You like very spicy or hot dishes? Adapt your À dévorer meal kit to your liking! Then share your successes with us. 




Convinced that food waste does not have its place nowadays, Chloé started À dévorer in 2016. She was then quickly joined by others sharing the same values and the team now puts all its energy to bring to you our ready to cook meal kits! l


Our marketing and communications expert! We are crazy about her new ideas and her boundless curiosity! What motivates her everyday: Chocolate


À dévorer founder, she is today more than ever on every front to grow the project. We are impressed by her fervor and her perseverance that are matched only by her love of lime!


Our graphic design expert! We love her natural talent, her precision and her hard work! What gives her her thrilling energy: Pineapple


In charge of our meal kits in store ! We are excited by her enthusiasm and her initiative! Her favorite treat: Delicious pasta and real pizza!!


If you want to be part of this fantastic adventure of À dévorer, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for passionate team players so send us your resume :)

We are a young business and we want to get better and adapt our service to your preferences, so help us out by sending us your comments and thoughts. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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